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Recently I encountered one of those ‘life changing’ events. In my case, it was my retirement. After 50+ years of working, I found Mike Eiseman to be very professional, helpful, honest,  sincere during all of our interactions as he helped me to prepare for all of the things that I was to face during this transition. It is comforting to know that such honest people still exist.  I found the staff at Insurance Connection USA to also be very helpful.
They are a wise choice for you to assist you at anytime. Thomas Bonczek

Elisa, thanks for being there for our family and helping us with insurance while my husband was between jobs. You gave us peace of mind during a difficult time!  Kathy Herr, Denton, TX

Elisa, thank you for helping me weigh all of my insurance options! I really appreciate your honesty and prompt responses!  jodi cozzolino, dallas, TX

Thanks to Jessica helping me with my auto and home owner insurance , I will save over $800 dollars over my old insurance this years . Thank you again

Gary L. Goodson, Dallas, TX

Mike Eiseman came highly recommended! He assisted me in making the right choice suited to my needs as the ‘age of Medicare’ is fast approaching. He was very friendly, thorough, took time to explain things more to me…often more than once. I highly recommend Mike Eiseman, 100% !

Janet P., McKinney, TX

I have been amazed by their service and they saved me $150 a month on my auto insurance. I would encourage you to contact Bob or one of the team members to get a quote.

Bob, you did a great job with my homeowners, auto and boat insurance. You saved me a lot of money and cut the unnecessary red tape out which I very much appreciate. You did your job, and I look forward to doing business with you for years to come.
Nick Byrne, Sanger, Tx, TX
Alex I personally want to thank you for your hard work, and doing some very good work for me. I also would like you to be my agent going forward … for future policies. You have proven to be an expert in your field.
Dennie Stagliano, Corinth, TX
Thanks for all your help, Elisa. Your diligence & attention to my concerns is greatly appreciated. I know I’m in good hands with you. Thanks again
Gail, Denton, TX
Working with Insurance Connection USA has been a wonderful experience. They saved us a ton of money on our homeowners insurance.
Ashlie Hagemann, Denton, TX