5 March 2018

New Blood Pressure Guidelines

The American Heart Association released new definitions for blood pressure guidelines. The organization’s intent in changing the definition was not to push more patients toward medication, but to encourage earlier detection, lifestyle changes and treatment.

The new guidelines for hypertension are:
  • 120 over 80 – normal blood pressure
  • 120-129 over 80 – elevated blood pressure
  • 130-139 over 80-89 – high blood pressure/stage 1
  • Greater 140 over greater 90 – high blood pressure/stage 2

Known as the “silent killer” because of the often symptom-free damage it causes, high blood pressure contributes to heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney disease or failure, vision loss, and other serious health issues.

Physicians are hoping to sound the alarm for their patients to be more aware of their blood pressure numbers and take the necessary steps to attain good health.

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