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Insurance in Santa Fe, NM

Insurance Connection-New Mexico was founded in 2005.  We started with the simple goal of providing insurance advice to families and businesses in Santa Fe and Albuquerque . Today, several thousand clients—individuals and companies—have discovered the easy way to make smart choices about auto, home, business, property, health and life insurance.  Our office in Santa Fe in the Museum Hill area makes it easy for us to visit clients in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.


What sets us apart from other agencies?

A simple phone call outlining your needs will allow our staff in Santa Fe to make apples-to-apples comparisons between the insurance you have now and the same coverage offered by as many as 80 other top rated insurance companies. In other words, we do all the work finding you the best coverage and you usually save a bunch of money.

Every Policy Is Reviewed Every Year

We do at least one annual review for every policy holder, and more if our clients request it. At that time we reassess the your needs, adding coverage where necessary, maybe cutting back in other areas. Then we shop all of top insurance companies to make sure you are paying the best rates. We guarantee you will never pay too much for our insurance coverage.

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Home Insurance:

Home really is where the heart is – so when any type of damage occurs to your home, it’s important to get it taken care of as soon as possible. If you live in Santa Fe or Albuquerque you deserve a homeowners policy that fits your specific lifestyle and home design.  Not all homeowners policies are he same, we assist you in finding the type of coverage you require for the best price.

Medicare Insurance:

Today, the cost of health care continues to rise. For many seniors in New Mexico, health care services can encompass a large portion of the monthly budget – making it essential for those age 65 and over to have good solid health insurance coverage. Although Medicare Parts A and B cover a wide array of benefits, the program still leaves many “gaps” in the form of out-of-pocket copayments and deductibles.  Our knowledgeable and professional agent in Santa Fe is here to help.  Email

Auto Insurance:

Anyone who owns or leases a vehicle knows that auto insurance is a necessary part of driving. In fact, in New Mexico it is required that you carry this insurance in order to obtain a license.  Our agent and staff in Santa Fe are knowledgeable about the subject and can walk you through the maze of policy features can make all the difference in the world. That’s the advantage of working with ICUSA.

Business Insurance:

You focus on finding talent, winning customers and growing your business. We focus on enabling you to build a thriving business with confidence. No one wants to think about fires, thefts, lawsuits, or injured employees. Business insurance from the top companies like Hartford, Travelers and CNA can cover the unthinkable, so you can concentrate on your business. Insurance that Protects Your Accomplishments is what we provide. Call our local agent in Santa Fe at 505-717-3479

Employee Benefits:

If your company wants to attract and retain highly qualified workers, offering an attractive employee benefits package is one of the best ways to do so. Yet, with so much information available, it can almost seem overwhelming trying to narrow down which plan – and which provider – will work the best for you.  Our local agents in Santa Fe will work with you in combining all of the right components that will make the benefits plan that you choose the one that is customized best to the coverage needs of your employees and your management team.

Call or email Insurance Connection New Mexico for additional information or assistance.

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