23 September 2018
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Texas is one of the few states that allow insurance brokers to earn a commission and charge a separate fee for selling an insurance policy. But that doesn’t mean they have to and us good guys DON’T!

These fees are different from a “policy fee” that is charged directly by the insurance carrier. These agency fees often come in the form of a “membership fee”, “service fee”, “inspection fee” or “agent fee”.  These fees are charged directly by the agent or agency at their discretion. The laws surrounding this fee are lax and some agencies take advantage of this. There is no set law for how much agencies can charge, who they charge and how it is disclosed. This makes it easy for these extra fees to be hidden in the back and forth.

At Insurance Connection USA, we do not charge agency fees. We have seen hundreds of dollars in these arbitrary fees in competitor’s quotes and policies.  At Insurance Connection, we value your trust and appreciate your business and we put you first!

For insurance in Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth Texas call us for a free quote with no agency fees


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