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Home Insurance:

Home really is where the heart is – so when any type of damage occurs to your home, it’s important to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, major home repairs can often take time and money, and even if you have homeowner’s insurance coverage, not all policies are created the same. This is why, when shopping for home insurance, it is important to not just study the numbers, but to also ensure that you obtain a plan that best fits in with your specific lifestyle needs. What exactly does that mean? First, it refers to obtaining a plan that will cover any and all losses that are important to you and your family. But it also means working with an insurance agent or agency that will provide you with personalized service. That’s what you’ll get with Insurance Connection.

Medicare Insurance:

Today, the cost of health care continues to rise. For many seniors, health care services can encompass a large portion of the monthly budget – making it essential for those age 65 and over to have good solid health insurance coverage. Although Medicare Parts A and B cover a wide array of benefits, the program still leaves many “gaps” in the form of out-of-pocket copayments and deductibles. Over time, these costs can really add up. This is why it’s important to consider having a Medicare Supplement insurance policy—a knowledgeable professional through Insurance Connection is here to help.

Auto Insurance:

Anyone who owns or leases a vehicle knows that auto insurance is a necessary part of driving. In fact, in most U.S. states, it is required that you carry this insurance in order to obtain a license. Obtaining coverage, however, can be time consuming and confusing if you are not familiar with the terminology or the benefits that are available to you. Having someone on your side who is knowledgeable about the subject and who can walk you through the maze of policy features can make all the difference in the world. That’s the advantage of working with Insurance Connection.

Life Insurance:

There are many reasons why people purchase life insurance. Some may buy coverage in order to replace lost income, while others may do so for the purpose of paying off debt. In other cases, final expenses may be the primary objective, as today, the cost of a funeral can easily exceed $10,000. In any case, the proceeds from a life insurance policy can help your loved ones to move on – essentially allowing you to keep your promises. These promises may be to fund a child’s future college education, to ensure that your survivors’ ongoing living expenses will be paid, or to simply provide your family with peace of mind during an already emotional time. But buying this type of coverage entails more than just setting a goal. It requires that you obtain the proper amount of death benefit proceeds, along with obtaining the right type of plan. And, while there are several different “rules of thumb” for coming up with these figures, it is often best to work with a professional in determining the actual data that you need. This is where Insurance Connection can help.

Business Insurance:

You focus on finding talent, winning customers and growing your business. We focus on enabling you to build a thriving business with confidence. No one wants to think about fires, thefts, lawsuits, or injured employees. Business insurance from the top companies like Hartford, Travelers and CNA can cover the unthinkable, so you can concentrate on your business. Insurance that Protects Your Accomplishments is what we provide.

Employee Benefits:

If your company wants to attract and retain highly qualified workers, offering an attractive employee benefits package is one of the best ways to do so. Yet, with so much information available, it can almost seem overwhelming trying to narrow down which plan – and which provider – will work the best for you. There are many variables that can go into choosing an employee benefits plan – but the most important criteria are the factors that will make the package right for your specific business, as well as your employees’ needs. At Insurance Connection, we will work with you in combining all of the right components that will make the benefits plan that you choose the one that is customized best to the coverage needs of your employees and your management team.

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My experience with Bob Garrison was excellent! I was so worried and scared about my insurance and he was so knowledgeable that he made everything so easy and listened to my needs.
I will always go to Bob Garrison for advice in the future.
Patricia Williams, Denton, TX

Recently I encountered one of those ‘life changing’ events. In my case, it was my retirement. After 50+ years of working, I found Mike Eiseman to be very professional, helpful, honest, sincere during all of our interactions as he helped me to prepare for all of the things that I was to face during this transition. It is comforting to know that such honest people still exist. I found the staff at Insurance Connection USA to also be very helpful.They are a wise choice for you to assist you at anytime.
Thomas Bonczek, McKinney TX

Jessica made it easy to get a new insurance policy on my primary home and saved me money.
Michael A Sherrill, Garland TX

Jessica was a great deal of help and a lot of information! When I did find a classic car I wanted; she was able to get me approved and a policy issued the same day. Thank you for all the help!
Tom Lain, Grand Prairie, TX

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