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We know that classic cars come in all shapes and sizes and each one deserves special protection. We also know not all collector cars are used the same. You may drive your car regularly or only take her out of the garage for shows and special occasions. We can help you select an appropriate policy based on how many miles you drive, the age of your car, and any custom modifications. We represent all the best classic car insurance companies like Haggerty, Safeco, Berkley, Infinity, CWG, JT Taylor and many more.

Our ability to shop all the companies for the best coverage and rate means you can expect the best coverage for the lowest cost.

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What You Should Expect

Agreed Value

Regular cars lose their value over time from the adverse effects of wear and tear. Classic, collectible and vintage cars are a different story. Many increase in value over time. With classic car insurance, if your car is declared a total loss after being stolen or damaged, you will receive the amount we agreed upon when you took out your policy. All you pay is the deductible.

Go Ahead and Drive

Some policies allow you to drive your classic car on more than just weekends and holidays. Go ahead and drive up to 10,000 miles per year with regular use option. Or choose the limited use option if you drive your classic less than 5000 miles per year.

The More the Merrier

We’ll insure your entire classic car collection, whether you’re a collector of just one or three or even 100.

Popular Coverage Options

Custom Build Your Classic Car Policy

Our popular coverage options vary from carrier to carrier. Ask one of our knowledgeable agents for personal advice about classic car insurance coverage options available.

Roadside Assistance

Classic car insurance should cover towing to the nearest qualified repair shop and other basic emergency services like changing a flat and delivery of fuel, oil or other essential fluids. Flatbed tow trucks are available upon request. Get back on the road quickly if you break down.


You’ll Save Money

Because we specialize in collector car insurance, our premiums are up to 43% lower* than daily driver insurance.

Unparalleled Service and Knowledge

We know collectible cars, so you deal with real people who understand your car and your needs.

Call or email for more information about Classic Car Insurance or get a free quote.