5 March 2018

New Blood Pressure Guidelines

5 March 2018,

New Blood Pressure Guidelines The American Heart Association released new definitions for blood pressure guidelines. The organization’s intent in changing the definition was not […]

25 September 2016

Auto Insurance Claims are Up

25 September 2016,

As you’ve likely heard, across the industry, carriers are seeing elevated automobile loss cost trends. I wanted to give you, insight into what we’re […]

9 July 2016

Ride Share Coverage

9 July 2016,

Ridesharing and vehicle sharing services seem simple enough, but drivers need to be informed of the risks. If you’re interested in participating in either […]

3 April 2016

Travel Insurance

3 April 2016,

Planning to travel overseas? Before packing your bags, it’s important to research just how portable your health insurance is—and make plans to supplement or […]

19 February 2016

Health Insurance Enrollment Periods

19 February 2016,

2016 Qualifying Life Events and Special Enrollment Periods 2016 Open Enrollment Period ended on January 31, but many individuals will still need health coverage […]