30 September 2016

Home Insurance Rates Going Up

30 September 2016,

Widespread flooding, hail and other severe weather-related events have put insurance companies on track for record-setting property losses in Texas in 2016, data from […]

27 October 2015

Health Insurance rates Increase in 2016

27 October 2015,

The Obama administration said many consumers will see noticeable premium increases when buying health coverage on insurance exchanges in 2016, acknowledging for the first […]

11 September 2015

Allstate and Geico to Raise Auto Insurance Rates

11 September 2015,

A sudden rise in traffic deaths surprised big car insurers in the first half of 2015, meaning higher premiums for drivers who are now […]

18 July 2015

Health Insurance Rates Will Continue to Increase

18 July 2015,

Americans who purchase health insurance on the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges should buckle up. Within the month, state regulators will begin approving premium hikes […]

14 July 2015

Three Scenarios Showing Exactly How Auto Insurance Works

14 July 2015,

At Insurance Connection USA, We pride ourselves on not only being a leading provider of quality Auto insurance coverage, but also a wealth of […]